The Photographers


I am a energetic and passionate photographer who was brought to the art through a love of horses (I’m sure you haven’t had to venture far on the website to find some of my beautiful equine clientele!). I feel like photography has given me an entirely new medium to express myself and to communicate messages to a greater audience.

My career launched from Athens, Georgia and it’s surround farms – but it didn’t take long before I was serving other areas of North Georgia. In 2010 I relocated to a beautiful home in quaint Auburn, Georgia, a location convenient for serving metro and North Atlanta as well.

Photography has been a wonderful gateway into new worlds for me. I have met so many people through the lens – photographers as a whole are just so approachable, so conversations with absolute strangers are the norm. I’ve also been exposed to other photographers who use different subjects and technical skills than I am used to – I love taking a little bit of knowledge from each of them and using it in my own unique way.

My favorite way to spend a sunny (or even a rainy!) afternoon is still to take my camera for a walk


  • insightful

Ashley is our  creative force Рshe has a unique ability to change the way we look at things, or how we achieve certain styles. She is a perpetual optimist, without losing sight of reality.

As a photographer, she is:

  • intuitive
  • creative