Barn Calls – $250

On-location, personalized photoshoot of you and your equine athlete. These kinds of shoots typically last 2-3 hours and produce a wide variety of at liberty and under saddle shots – the sky’s the limit!

Endurance – No Charge

Do you need an experience endurance photographer for your next southeast event? Unbridled Imagery excels in these events because we don’t just photograph endurance riders, we ARE endurance riders. With an innate understanding of the intricacies of the sport, we know how to find the best locations on trail that capture your horse well after the starting-line shenanigans, but before s/he’s looking too rough around the edges. We also offer multiple-photographers to ensure that event photos are taken, edited, and produced in a timely fashion – usually in time for same day award meetings!

Horse Show – No Charge

We offer a no-nonsense approach to low-cost event photography. All we ask in return is vendor space to park our un-used gear and editing equipment.